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Laboratory of Confocal Microscopy at the Department of Botany, Palacký University

The laboratory of microscopy techniques at the Department of Botany was established on December 19th, 2006 as a reference laboratory of Olympus Czech Group, Ltd. Financial support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic by the project "Variability of Components and Interactions in Plant Pathosystem and Impact of Environmental Factors on Their Expression" (MSM 6198959215) is greatly acknowledged.


The laboratory is equipped with two microscopy systems:

Microscope Fluoview 1000

mikroskop Fluoview 1000

(see below)

Microphotography - camera Olympus DP70

mikroskop Fluoview 1000

Light fluorescence microscope Olympus BX60 / Stereo microscope Olympus SZ40

Confocal laser scanning microscope Fluoview 1000

specification [cz]: FV1000.doc

Inverted fluorescent microscope Olympus IX 81

Equipment for laser confocal microscopy Olympus FV 1000

3 detection channels for the detection of confocal fluorescent image + detector of light/Nomarski DIC

FV10-ASW 3.0 Viewer software

support Olympus

Software for viewing microphotographs in OIB format; for the purposes of installation, contact doc. RNDr. Michaela Sedlářová, Ph.D..

LCS Imaris 7.3.0. software


Complete software for 3D/4D imaging and quantitative image analysis.

Optic anti-vibration table with pneumatic vibration-compensating system Envist Olymext

user manual [cz]: envist.pdf


The equipment of the laboratory can be reserved by e-mail or phone (see below)

Open hours: 8:00-16:00 (can be modified if necessary - contact M.Sedlářová)

The reserved intervals for the confocal microscope should be at least 2 hours long


doc. RNDr. Michaela Sedlářová, Ph.D. mail to Michaela Sedlářová , tel. 585 634 809


Laboratory of Confocal Microscopy
Department of Botany
Palacký University, Faculty of Science
Šlechtitelů 27
783 71 Olomouc – Holice

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Confocal microscopy – tutorial (M.Sedlářová) [in Czech]

Theory of Confocal Microscopy (Olympus)

Laser scanning confocal microscopy

Applications in confocal microscopy

Gomes, A., Fernandes, E., Lima, J.L.F.C. (2006): Use of fluorescence probes for detection of reactive nitrogen species: a review , Journal of Fluorescence, 16: 119 - 139.

Hibbs, A.R. (2004): Confocal microscopy for biologist . BIOCON Melbourne, AUS Springer, 474 p, 27.

Pawley, J.B. (ed): Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy , Pawley, J.B., 846 - 860, Springer Science + Business Media, New York 2006.


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